Green Peels

A highly effective herbal peeling facial (Strengths: Class A-Class C)

  • 45 minutes
  • From £150
  • Yemaya London Beauty

Service Description

Classic Green Peel - Class A 1 session: £400 Package of 3: £1000 Energy or Energy+ Green Peel/ Mela White - CLASS B 1 session: £200, Package of 3: £500 Fresh Up Green Peel - CLASS C 1 session: £150, Package of 3: £400 ​Classic Green Peel - CLASS A This is the strongest green peel that achieves the most effective results Includes: Consultation, patch test, classic green peel, follow up post peel facial treatment & a skincare product kit to use at home GREEN PEEL Classic - 3 to 5 days of peeling will occur. This is a highly effective deep peel which provides amazing result. Your skin will appear visibly clearer, brighter, supple, even in skin tone and your concerns will significantly improve. ​ Suitable for: Major skin concerns such as dark scaring, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, signs of ageing, deep wrinkles, sun damaged skin, enlarged pores, breakouts, scarred skin and more. With the classic peel you are unable to wash your face for 5 days however you will be given products to use on your face for the course of the 5 days. The Classic peel is a 5-day programme involving the first day in the spa followed by 3 days homecare and the 5th day back at the spa for a follow-up treatment. ​ Energy or Energy+ Green Peel - CLASS B Includes: Consultation, patch test, Energy or Energy+ green peel & a skincare product kit to use at home ​ Little to no skin peeling will occurs with this peel. This is a medium strength peel Suitable for: Light to moderate skin concerns e.g mild: acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark scarring & signs of ageing This is a quick brightening peel that gently improves mild pigmentation/ dark scarring and evens skin tone . This can be done weekly, a minimum of 3 sessions is highly recommended for effective results ​ Fresh Up Green Peel - CLASS C GREEN PEEL® Fresh Up - No skin peeling will occurs with this peel. Out of all the green peels this is the most delicate in strength. Suitable for those who want Green Peels but have very sensitive skin, or as a boosted after having higher strength peels done previously

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