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Cryotherapy - Skin Tag/Mole Removal

An effective & safe treatment to freeze off skin tags, moles & other skin lesions

  • 15 min
  • Starting from £150
  • Yemaya London Beauty

Service Description

Cryotherapy is a quick & easy method of removing skin lesions through the process of freezing them, your mole(s) will be removed using liquid nitrogen. More than 1 session can be required. ​ Cryotherapy is effective with removing  moles, skin tags and cherry angiomas Benefits of Cryotherapy: - An effective & safe treatment to freeze off skin tags, moles & other skin lesions ​ ​-  Non-Invasive and fast treatment ​ ​- Nearly immediate results ​ - No downtime  ​ - Non-invasive procedure  ​ - Low risks of side effects - Minimal recovery ​ ​ What is Cryotherapy & how does it work? ​​ During this treatment, liquid nitrogen, a gas that creates freezing temperatures, is applied to the area in order to freeze the skin lesion such as a skin tag or mole. ​ The cells in the skin lesion for example a skin tag is killed by the freezing temperature of the liquid nitrogen, which also stops the area’s blood supply, leading the skin tag to dry up and fall off on its own. In some circumstances, discomfort and brief skin discolouration may happen, and if the skin tag doesn’t break out, more treatment may be needed. ​ What is a skin lesion?​ ​ Skin lesions are any area of your skin that's abnormal from the skin around it, when we mention skin lesion we are referring to skin tags, warts, moles and cherry angiomas.  ​ Is the treatment painful?  This is a non-surgical treatment carried out with liquid nitrogen, therefore the treatment is largely pain-free however can be slightly uncomfortable. How many sessions will I need? ​​ Most skin lesions will fall off after one treatment however in some circumstances more than one session may be required. When treating many skin lesions a package will be required in order to treat all of them which may need to be done over a few appointments. 

Contact Details

  • Yemaya London Beauty, 324 Streatham High Rd, London SW16 6HH, UK

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