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YLB Premium Annual Membership Terms & Conditions

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YLB Premium Annual Membership Terms & Conditions

Can not be refunded or credited or given to someone else  

Once you've made your payment you are responsible for booking in your monthly treatments 

If you miss your monthly treatment it can no longer be redeemed, your next treatment will be a new one the following month

You must have your treatment within your monthly timeframe for example, if you started your membership on June 27th your monthly timeframe is from the 27th until the 27th of the following month (each month) 

If you miss your appointment, unable to make it to your appointment on time or need to reschedule with less than 48 hours notice your appointment will be cancelled and it can not be rebooked back in. If you would like to rebook it you can do so outside of your membership booking it as a new booking using your personal discount code


If you are unable to book or come in for your monthly treatment within your month timeframe, you will lose the treatment and will need to move on to your next treatment for the following timeframe

​If you decide to cancel your annual membership at any point after making your annual payment you will not be refunded, your future treatments will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to redeem any monthly treatments 

You can cancel your renewal at any point 

You will be notified before your renewal date so you are aware of the payment, if you choose not to renew your annual membership please let us know so we can cancel it for you

The price of your renewal can be different to the price you paid for your current annual membership, if there is a price change you will be notified of the new price before your renewal date so you can decide whether you would like to proceed or not

Another person can not have your membership treatment(s), you are the only person that can redeem your monthly treatments 

Our Cosemlan peel is not included with any membership 

Your personal membership discount code can not be used in conjunction with any other discount

You can only have one treatment per month (per monthly timeframe) with your membership, you can book additional treatments which you must pay for however you can use your discount code for this

Your one treatment per month can only be a single session, it can not be any sort of package. Your membership is for one single session for one area per month for example if you want fat dissolving you will need to choose one area such as the stomach, you can't choose stomach and arms as one booking/treatment. Another example is dermal filler you can only have one area at at time such as your chin. The following month you can have the same treatment for another area

When booking Dermal Filler its 1ml per booking however you can book the same area again the following month

Please view our full terms and conditions via the link below:

YLB Premium Annual Membership
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