Now you can enjoy the rejuvenating effects of precious gold on your face too.

Gold is a very soft metal that absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin. It is believed to firm and brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, help drain lymph nodes and get rid of toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and help skin cells replenish at a faster pace than they would naturally grow.

Why Choose a 24 Karat Gold Facial:

A 24 Carat Gold Facial is unlike any facial because its concentration of minerals and properties which quickly are absorbed into the skin producing youthful and rejuvenating results.  The 24 Karat Gold Facial is a favorite among celebrities and is Now Available Yémaya London Beauty.


  • Gold – Frees the skin of impurities

  • Increases the proportion of oxygen in the skin

  • Eliminates tiredness

  • Rejuvenates the skin, removes wrinkles, leaves skin luminous

  • Gold helps slow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin

Are there any risks or side effects?

Absolutely not, unlike cosmetic treatments such as Botox, a 24k Gold Facial carries none of the risks of cosmetic surgery and the benefits outweigh the other costly Invasive procedures.  Gold Facial is the natural way to firm, tone and produce youthful wrinkle free skin.

How much does 24K Gold Facial cost and how often should I have it done?

You might think that a 24 Karat Gold Facial carries a price tag of several thousands of pounds, and although that may be true in Hollywood, with YLB, you can have a 24K Gold Facial from only £80.  The results of the 24K Gold facial is cumulative so we recommend 6 treatments which you can buy at a promotional discount rate.